Blake Griffin to Kendall Jenner: Of Course You Can Hang with the Guys!

Breaking News

Seems Kendall Jenner is already close enough with Blake Griffin to join in on steak night with his boys. 

The L.A. Clippers star and 3 of his guy friends hit up the Ocean Prime steak and seafood house in Bev Hills on Wednesday night ... with Kendall rounding out the group. 

Blake and Kendall have been hanging out for a couple of months now ... so no reason not to invite her along, right? 

So, when does Blake get his invite to girl's night? 

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Blake; run fast, run far!!


professional pipe cleaner,just like the rest of the pigs in her family!


Shes probably just trying to pick up chicks like the rest of them.


This is news,lol


They busted a train on that ho


He needs to stay clear away from her


She wants her own mud baby.


This will be deleted. Its a fake romance and she's a lesbian.


They are so NOT into each other.


Of course you can hang with Kris


dumb people congregate. It's embarrassing.


Question could he be using her for PR purposes? He is not in the media much anymore.


Welp, there goes the Clippers season. Tristan Thompson doomed himself with Chewbacca and now he's coming off the bench. Real smart fellas!


A real quick way to lose a man.


Kendull seems to be a real joy to be around lol




I heard Kendall had Sun Glasses....
All the white and did not know how to act accordingly to her New buddies......


He is whipped, can't have guys night out without bringing sand to the beach.


He looks like the guy that was married to Kim for 20 minutes. His name escapes me.


Too much press with the Weinstein thing, it was time the Kartrashians got in the news again. Our watches are synchronized for the next robbery/pregnancy/overdose.


he's ugly as crap


Nice try Kris. But, that is a cool Bromance Kendall has going with that dude, they can cruise chicks together.


Blake has that deer in the Head lights look


Picks the albino. Trying to get the best of both worlds Kendall?


ok from Harry styles, to Jordan Clarkson, asap rocky, is this girl a **** or is a lesbian? Starting to look like paid pr relationships


Trump is planning a massive attack on the blacks


I fail to see what these pro athletes see in that Kardashian/ Jenner
clan. They have ruined
and brought bad luck and sorrow to every athlete who has hung out with them. Why would Griffin think that
he is immune??


She was home-schooled & barely graduated from that... How far could she carry a conversation that didn't involve "fashion" & shoes?


Im sure Kendall kept the conversation rolling with her wit and humor . "Don't forget to bring her again!! "the guys all made Griffin promise..


Please. Everyone knows Kendall is in the kloset.


Hmmm.... I would have sworn that he was gay. Are you sure she's not a beard??


I thought this backhoe was preggers?


Of course you can--now take your top off.


What exactly was breaking news?! Did I miss the part that she choked and was sent to the hospital requiring emergency surgery? Otherwise all I got was that a group of people went to dinner, something we all do.


Kendall feels left out because she is now the only Kardash who hasn't pushe out an heir or shall we say an error. look out dude steaks, beer and babies go together so be careful.


I swear, he looks even dumber than the Halfrican Kim married for a week.


He must tear that tight box up!!!!


Dates like this is called when a guy is not really into you,and all he want is your body.Anytime a man has too bring his boys on a so call date with you ladies (HE'S NOT INTO YOU)


That is a first!!!! If Blake and Kendall are "a couple" why aren't they sitting together?


Thought she was the sensible one, guess they’re all the same.


lezbehonest we can tell she plays for the other team.


Oh I bet she can all the sausage she can eat


Bcuz she is one of the guys lol


Respectable men would never date these STD-ridden BBC-lovers and they know it, that's why they only go after low IQ rappers and ballers.


What a dumb @ss getting involved with one of those freaks hahaha.


Kendall looks like Olive Oyl!


Sure just let us lick that starfish


I'm sure the adventure and the money is a draw, but why do models and similar types of young, beautiful "celebrities" go for athletes and musicians who are famous for being "car wrecks" and philanderers? Really, you can find rich men who are much more stable. The quality of your life depends in large part on the partner you choose.


This said "Breaking News" on it?! Are they kidding? What is news here? They just went out to dinner. And if it was with Harvey Weinsten eating his dinner last night when he could still afford to skip a meal, then that would be "Breaking News," but they weren't. Another nonsense from "PMK." How stupid.


Prime steakhouse. Baseball caps and tees.
You can buy dinner, but you can't buy class.


This week....Monday ...Kendell wearing the exact same outfit with her hair do the exact same way drives her classic car around town....
Tuesday....Kendell and Kourtney wearing the same outfit and hairdo enjoying a say fo "sister time" shopping and movie
Wednesday...... No Kendell story
Today......Kendell wearing the same outfit and hairdo out with Blake and Buddies on a date...Now I don't know about you guys but these romantic dates always has Kendell and a group of males together...never one on one dating...the man always has a crowd of other males with him...that is NOT romantic....besides I remember they tried hooking up Khloe with Griffin after Lamar left...and it didn't go.. hired boyfriend under contract with Jenner Grp


They look so happy, lol


From one team to next


Oh she is with him alright ...Everybody eating and Kendull in front of a empty plate with a fork in her hand posing for the pap.....Other photo's released yesterday wearing the same outfit and hairdo had her spending the day shopping with sister and driving her classic car... I have a theory about these never ending day to day photos they do....Now it would cost to much to have their paps following them around every single day but I think they pick out one day of the week and do all the shots in one day...Going shopping aka walking around in front of stores...Eating/ walking in and out of restaurant doors...Then go change cloths in the car and take hair down or up and go to a different place pick up .Blake or who ever and go somewhere. Then the PR team edit the photos and write a story to go with them and release each day....


She's the only hot one in her family


One for each hole and the 4th just gets to watch

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