Scott Disick's Going to the White House with His Kids


Scott Disick has a busier day in the Washington, DC area than your average Senator does -- starting with a candy store visit, and ending with a trip to President Trump's crib. Man's got priorities.

Sources close to Disick tell TMZ ... after he hosts the grand opening celebration of a Sugar Factory in Arlington Thursday at 6 PM, he's making the 5-mile trip over to the White House for a private tour.

We're told Scott and his kids -- along with another friend and his kid -- will be taking the tour, which Disick organized earlier this week.

Imagine Lord Disick in the Oval Office! We're guessing the Prez would love the cut of his jib.



A private tour OMG!


This guy is a dbag. Not a fan of Disick.


Disick is an a$$. How can anyone be interested in this fool?


It's where all bottom feeders go these days.


I guess dirt bags attract!


TMZ why do you have to approve it? Nothing wrong with why comment.


Scott and ALL of these Kardashian’s need to go away! What the hell is so special about them.😡😡😡


Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at the level of Kushner's security clearance forms.

Whole family corrupt incompetent grifters.


Washington DC is a vortex of evil.


He his a tool


I can totally see why a candy shop would pay him a lot of money to host their grand opening. Because when I think of delicious confections, I think of irresponsible alcoholic philanderer Scott Dissick.


How come his eyes are so close together?


Proof positive that the White House is scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find 'celebrities' to come visit.



Scott will show up to pick up dates at a candy shop like Trump would too.


Who the heck would want him at the Grand Opening of a candy shop? Good grief.


Omg Eminem gonna be mad at you bruh. When was Emenem’s last album you have three seconds!!


Can this guys face ever NOT radiate complete douchbaggery?


Anyone who pays the Kim K clan a dime. Needs to be kicked in the knees and punched in the jaw.


based scott disick. only person who ever made the kardashian show watchable.


This guy is such a boss lol he cracks me up.




🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸Lord Disick


He'll be shopping for his next barely of age teen...


Reality TV Stars
Scott Disick may be the next Republican candidate. Delusional wealthy Reality TV Star... what more could they hope for??? Zero self awareness, Delusions of IQ grandeur, Does he like Kid Rock too?
Wow no wonder they're friends they have so much in common.


Don't care what the D i¢₭ does.


Will he be giving out free samples from his cirrhosis biopsy?


Scott is as vile as DJT.


Taking the kids to the White House. That includes Sofia, right ?


I didn't read the accompanying story but his he there to service Melania?


Donny had a big crowd to sign a scam executive order, made ignorant statements ,took a bunch of pictures, and almost left without signing the order. Pence had to grab him. Pressure is building, dementia is kicking in.


I can't see President Trump inviting him for a visit. You can take a tour just like Graceland.


Have you seen the head of homeland security? Donny will be trying to slam that by Saturday.


How typical. Had o done this the world would have reacted. Kid rock Sarah and Ted Nigeria. Now this. What a bunch of low life diet bags. They all deserve each other


Dis sick was actually called in to interview for Kelly's job.


No clue who this is and don't care.


Another phony photo op for the Orange Buffoon. He just loves those pics with "celebrities." He's about to the bottom of the barrel. Wonder who he'll dig up next.


The kids are going? I bet the baby momma dating the baby boy will be in tow...


Uber douche


Why on earth would Kourtney allow her kids to go ANYWHERE with him?!


Birds of a feather...looks like America has decided to hand the keys to the country over to the stupid people.


Load up on cabbage and baked beans before you go.


He's opening a candy store , he probably got the idea from meeting all his lastest dates there .
Next he'll open a preschool


Lord Douche goes to the White House .


Eyes too close together syndrome. Ever notice that? People w/ small distance between eyes got the cccpenis mentality almost w/o exception.....


Opening a candy store - what a joke!


What a stupid story. Private tours are hard and difficult to get. You need to apply, through your Congress man or Senator and fill out forms. A complete background will be done on you. Also, and most importantly you need to either know someone who works there or be a friend of a friend as I did. PS. You don't get anywhere near the President or first family.


When Kris Jenner doesn't answer the phone for the daily kartrashian update...


Only reason I see him opening that candy store is to find more dates..


Trump attracts all the big"stars" 🤣🤣🤣


Facebook scrubbed potentially damning Russia data before researchers could analyze it further


Lock them up


He’s cute and Melania will probably want to a finally sleep with someone who doesn’t have a orange face and shaped like a turkey.


Yes, he is going to be the Drug Addict Czar.


I think Tyga or Caitlyn would've been a better pick for the grande opening host.


LOL, what a mess.


Seriously TMZ, who the h3ll cares about this.


Douche House


So why the news does anyone really care what Scott D does...we all know he can drink big time






A candy store??? Scott Disick to host a candy store opening...? Was Katy Perry not available?


Welcome to the douche convention





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