Rose McGowan Back On Twitter and Ripping into Amazon's Jeff Bezos

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Rose McGowan is wasting no time -- shortly after getting back on Twitter she launched an attack on Jeff Bezos and Amazon Studios ... but it's still all about Harvey Weinstein.

Rose posted a pic of a female samurai with the caption "it's on" ... then lit into Bezos over a blown script deal and Weinstein. Rose claims she told the head of Amazon Studios Weinstein had sexually assaulted her.

She also hints Bezos and Amazon were going to sell her script to The Weinstein Co. -- or as she put it ... "a Weinstein bailout" -- which would clearly piss her off.  

There's a lot more, but Rose's bottom-line is she wants Bezos to "stop funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers."

As we reported, Twitter blocked Rose's account after she posted someone's phone number ... but she's not backing down from her public attacks on Hollywood power players.

We've reached out to Amazon ... no word back yet.



Rose, sweetie, I know you think you're being a 'strong' 'take charge' 'powerful' woman with this diatribe, but you're not. You're not strong, you're not take charge and you're not being powerful. You let all of that slip through the cracks when you didn't report it immediately. All of the women coming forward are the same. All of them valued their career over their own self worth. And don't try to feed some b.s. about male dominated workplaces and that crap. I don't know what world these women are coming from. Not once, not ever, growing up did I think that I couldn't do something because I was girl or that a man had the right to put his hands on me or that I had to stay quiet about anything for anyone. So I'm sorry if your parents were that terrible and didn't teach and you thought differently but this 'women are all victims' mentality that is just exploding everywhere is disgusting and basically just devalues women as a whole because apparently most of you don't know how to speak up for yourselves. You're making the rest of us look like helpless idiots. And you condemned other women to the same treatment by NOT TELLING ANYONE AT THE TIME. But these women don't even deserve that recognition because they're all coming out now, instead of when it happened because they literally wanted their careers more than their self worth. Rose McGowan said 100,000 dollars was what she was worth when she settled with Weinstein. If that's all you're worth, you can be spent very quickly and never seen again. Stop railing against everyone and everything and claiming everyone else had first hand knowledge of what he did. They didn't, but you did and you didn't DO ANYTHING. He's a sick disgusting troll and nasty. No wonder he had to assault women because I don't think a blind prostitute would mount that willingly. I won't be a bit surprised with how fast and bad this has gotten to pick up my phone and read a headline about him killing himself. And that's really all he deserves. Is his own end at his own disgusting hand. But his wrong doesn't make others wrongs right. Stand the hell up on your own two feet and fight back. When it happens. Not ten, fifteen, twenty years later, but then proclaim how you're not going to take it anymore, after it happened to so many others and you're a warrior now who's going to fight back. You lost the fight the second you signed that settlement so please stop acting like you're some b.s. queen of feminism warrior. Weinstein will go straight to where he belongs when he's done here.


the bald headed bozo is a rapist to, I knew he was a self centered freak, always thought amazon sucks, I bet that Facebook puke suckerberg is one to , he couldn't do it in collage he dropped out


The comments on here are exactly why women feel they have to keep their mouths shut. Why aren't people upset with this disgusting pervert instead of his victims.


She’s never had this much publicity her entire career.


I'm not doubting her, but why didn't she go to the police? What was she scared of? She told everyone else but the people who could've stopped it from happening again to someone else


next it will be wall street executives,one by one they will ALL fall.


I hope she likes her new career as a crusading community organizer, because her “career” in Hollywood is over.


Does anyone else see the next 'Sinead O'Connor' on the horizon...or is it just me ?


She sold her soul for the script. Now she's whining. Typical.


Someone please check Rose's medications.


"He assaulted me! I am the proof!" For the record, I believe McGown, but I can say, "I walked on the moon! I am the proof!" and that basically means nothing. How is Bezos (CEO of Amazon!) supposed to make a decision to blow off a major hollywood production company on that info?


You knew too, as did apparently hundreds of others. You took 100k and agreed to whatever non disclosure he had. Now you want to act like everyone who knew is any different from you? But boy you all sure flipped your stuff over Trumps P grabbing video. 🙄


he paid her 100k to sign nondisclosure agreement. why did she take the money and sign a nondisclosure ? some of these women say every time i went to his hotel or restaurant i had to fight him off. he is a vile man and they knew he was , why keep going around this guy ? this woman should have gone directly to the police when this happened.


I like her.


We get it Rose, you're trying to breathe life into your dead career, but there must be a better way to do it.




Time for Corey Feldman to tell who molested him.


Bitc(-) got balls.


Rose . . . get a life. Everyone knows that Harvey is a lecherous cad.


Hey Rose.... YOU knew about him too. Yet you stayed silent because you wanted $$. Who do you think you are trying to call anybody out, when you kept your mouth shut for $100,000. You have ZERO integrity.


She took a settlement? Classy. What a nice amount of self-respect she has for herself! Smh. Either a liar or an immoral piece of trash.


"I was the proof" Yeah...that means nothing and it makes no sense. I can say that very same thing about The Rock (i.e. "He assaulted me. I'm the proof") and guess what? He never a did a thing to me. What a lunatic of a woman. He straight up did that to you and you didn't call the police and go the hospital to get a kit done? You just told a studio exec as if it was nothing? Oh my God. She's a child. She expects everyone to do everything for her. Grow up, be an adult, go to the police. YOU KNOW THE LEGAL PROCEDURE.

Fight your own battles and stop trying to go through the middle man. How many times was she around this guy? How many times did he assault her? If it was more than one occasion, why did she choose to come around him again? Where's her self respect and common sense? Why can't she do anything right?

If that happens, you go to the police and the hospital. That's it. You don't get to do nothing about it and then complain years later and lash out at other people for not doing your job for you. Smh.


It's Obamas fault


I believe her, but I fear her behavior is damaging her credibility and potentially any egal case she may bring.

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