O.T. Genasis Loses It When His Car Gets Scratched at the Club


O.T. Genasis went from 0-100 REAL QUICK after his car got dinged up at the club, and some guy handed him a knife to vent his fury.

We got O.T. Wednesday night leaving Project Club LA where he found his 2018 Rolls-Royce scratched and dented. Understandably, he was HOT as fish grease at the valet for blowing his "one job," and also at everyone in his crew.

And just as he started to calm down, some dude handed O.T. a blade to handle his biz! It's a crazy scene.

BTW ... turns out the scratch wasn't the valet's fault. There was a gunshot scare an hour earlier, and fleeing patrons knocked the doorman's stand into O.T.'s whip. Oops? We're told the club covered the damage.





This guy’s a joke..🤡

I was at Brentwood Country Mart back in the mid 80’s..Guy parked his brand new rolls Royce next to a old VW, I stop to look at his awesome car as he got out.. I said .. nice car, aren’t you worried that someone will dent or scratch your car parked there??

He said to me, anyone driving a car like this that’s worried about someone denting or scratching it ....

Can’t afford to be drinking it ! 😆👍👍



Some people take material possession way too seriously. At the end of the day, your "luxury" car is still just a tin can. Besides, it's not like you cannot afford to get it fixed. And there's something called insurance.


2018 Rolls? Not fair!


That story could not be any more ghetto. 🤣🤣🤣


Odis is a lamer and needs more facial tattoos. Not gangsta just wimpy...




He's just mad that he didn't get the insurance on the rented car, and thought he would have to pay for the repair


This is typical behavior of low life thugs
If you see them come into a restaurant .
Get up. Pay your bill and leave.


No biggie, the lease covers incidental damages. You don't really believe he owns it do you??


Ok in all seriousness where does TMZ find these so called “rappers” that nobody has heard of.


Let me guess. This unknown rapper hates Trump. This is what we are up against. Should be over really fast with their crying and overreacting. Come on Nov 4th.


I had to get ignant too when someone scratched my Buick at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.


At least he didn't hand him a pistol. Who is O.T. Gatosis anyway, and why do we care about him?




Hope Homie took out the additional insurance on the rental


Another wannabe upset that he was going to have to cover the cost of fixing his borrowed Rolls Royce. These people need to just GO AWAY!!


The black will always blame others for its poor behavior and inability to contribute to a civilized society.


LMFAO where does TMZ find these nobodies lol really? Must be a slow day at the zoo



Another N who thinks he's rich


So this is acceptable behavior? why is this person even relevant. Useless idiot. Waste of oxygen and space.


Who are these people and how do they even have $20 to their name?


That was very irresponsible of that man to give him a knife like that. I'm just glad nothing bad happened as a result. Why is this becoming more and more acceptable to become violent when something doesn't go your way?


I see a lot of brainwashed ppl bringing up politics on every comment forum and its weird.I saw one about a dog nearly getting hit by a car and ppl were commenting about Trump or democrat this,right wing that,radical this.WTH is going on with this world?




awesome culture. can't wait until they double and triple their 13%. it's gonna be a great world!


New word.

Harvey: a person who is ethically or morally corrupt, but is allowed to run free by the community because what they gain from him is more important to them then their principles.

Wow, Trump/Obama is such a Harvey, these ppl can't stop voting for him.


Gunshot? Where is blm? I'm a liberal. I'm brown skinned. Where is blm?


I was somehow paid a nickel every time the N word was used in that video. I'm now buying my own private island!


Wow. Lots to unpack. Did he make the scratch and couldn't afford it so he does this song and dance with the paps to get somebody to pay for it?

In his young life of hardship has his wealth, given to him young in life, not taken the hood out of him; showing him what hard work can do? Is his ego so fragile that he can't confront the establishment without threats of violence. "don't make me...." Don't make you do what,,? Stuff happens homie. You are tough. Go handle your business with words and integrity like a man. Otherwise keep your trap shut and throw. I hate a guy that poses. I'm glad that guy gave him the knife so we can find out that he was about nothing but getting somebody to pay for it.


Why was Joe Biden's son handing a knife to that angry African American democrat?



Christ!!! Reading this story made me feel like I had a subscription to "word up" or "Source" magazine. TMZ, what is your fascination with all things ghetto & hood? Is there some sort of compromising photos that the NAACP has of Harvey, in order to make TMZ cover such ghettolicious news?


The boy sounds like he came right out of the fields!


A gunshot scare at a rap concert. NO WAY.


U fake azzzz black bama azzzz nghuggga. Really


I dont get the over excessive use of the N word... I also dont get why the pants are hanging so low... I dont get the crappy music videos with cars and hoes. I just dont get it


no names validating the stereotype on a daily basis


Never heard of him.


That car must smell absolutely awful inside of it.


It will be repoed next week anyway so who cares


People like tattoo-boy are why I am no longer impressed or even give a second look when I see a Rolls, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. go down the road

It's just trash that owns (or at leases) this stuff now.

So I want the stuff most of those idiots can't drive - stuff with manual gearboxes.


Thanks to the idiots in Hollywood, this behavior has been normalized and kids look up to these fools. The future looks pretty bleak. And please stop with the N word being every other word out of your mouths. Makes you look ignorant that you can't come up with anything better.


Somebody please put down that white, tattoo-head lunatic before he seriously injures someone! People like him don't deserve to exist in this world.


I hope the leasing company isn't too upset.


"You know what it's like when you roll up in your rolce royce phantom and pay to have it protected"....No, no I don't lol


People who can afford a Rolls don’t worry about dents and scratches.


i mean that is one way to handle it


It's just a scratch dude....fix it.


Calling a black guy hot as fish grease is pretty racist.


Im sure the rental company already sent out the bill.


Cut it song is about prostitution and drug sales. I worked in South Central for six years and gangs would always try to get young children into drugs to control them. When I'd see a dead gang member, it was a blessing.



Fake baller. Fronting fo nothin.


I think I heard him use the N word.


Another day, another C list rapper wailing about something.

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