Mexican Soap Star Eduardo Yanez Bitch Slaps Reporter on Red Carpet

Mexican soap star Eduardo Yanez is making a name for himself in the U.S. -- around the world, really -- after slapping the hell out of a reporter in Los Angeles.

The telenovela star's violent confrontation with a Univision reporter is going way more viral than any acting he's ever done. The reporter, Paco Fuentes, asked Yanez this week how he felt about his son setting up a GoFundMe page to pay for car repairs.

Yanez was so offended by the question he maniacally flipped out, and slapped the reporter while everyone watched in complete shock.

Yanez is known for his temper with reporters ... so we're guessing Paco won't get an apology anytime soon.



Lol.."personal family business" indeed! What the reporter asked him about regarding his son was that he is closeted and gay and his son does not like it. I think the reporter asked him about how he felt about his son's not supporting his being gay..

It's pretty common knowledge in Mexico (although it's not ”official” and he denies it, being married) that he's gay.


the reporter shouldnt ask about the dude's kids! Dont bring personal family business into the public! Kids are OFF LIMITS!


the journalist is looking for the slap on his own ... that was good🤣🤣🤣


He should be setting up a go fund me page now for fighting lessons. 😂


Paco's gonna walk to the bank with a huge smile on his Red face after that slap.




The reaction of the people around is hilarious. The women didn't even flinch


Call your lawyer. Any rich celeb, feel free to slap me on camera.


¿Qué le dijeron los cinco dedos a la cara? ... "¡ slap!"


He should never work in the US. He’s showing classic signs of an abuser. Just imagine how many people he has beaten that didn’t say anything because he’s in entertainment.


YAKO is with the business!


Yanez is going to take it all in .......DESPACITO!




He should be embarrassed. Control your temper.


I saw the reporter looking around on the ground after this happened. When asked, he informed the other reporters that he just had the taste slapped out of his mouth and couldn't find it.


Que poco aguanto el tipo!!


Is he a dead beat dad? Why else would his son need a gofundme to repair his car? Seems this actor got angry that the reporter exposed it.


Sue all you want, collecting will be a problem. Just ask anyone who has had a car accident with a mexican. "Insurance, we don't need no sticking insurance"


It's so funny to see "Mexican" and "soap" in the same sentence


South Americans aren't lawsuit happy like in the States. This reporter will probably just be glad people will recognize him now.


There was a funny question though you have to admit


Careful of Mexican steroids...those knockoffs have their side effects


now imagine if everyone slapped media reporters in the face like this. lol


Apology? That’s an assault.


Hope reporter slaps idiot with a law suit! Totally uncalled for.


He should have been slapped for the hairstyle alone.


I hope he gets sued!!


Guess who's about to get "slapped" with a lawsuit in return........idiot! LOL


Oh, he'll be getting an apology... in the form of a nice big settlement check.


He looks a lot like Kramer of Seinfeld in the picture. I've wondered what Michael Richards has been up to. Mexican soap operas? Makes sense


Umm, if I remember correctly this act is called ASSAULT. More specifically, “California assault law, Penal Code 240, defines an assault—also known as a “simple assault”—as an attempt to commit a violent injury on someone else”.

He should be arrested and charged. But, this is Hollywood right?!?!?!


Ay Caramba! 😧


I am surprised that other celebs haven't done the same with the questions they have asked


I'm sorry,my sister Banana can't post today
she's locked up in the Espanola,
New Mexico county jail.

For Donkey Abuse.

(__)\ )\/\
℧ ℧ ℧ ℧


Esa bofetada debe resultar definitivamente en una demanda, y también constituye un asalto. No me di cuenta estrellas de jabón de México eran tan sensibles


Hey It's

Carmella AKA
President Ruckus, The MJK Clone & Banana the stalker's

Favorite TV Show.


That slap should definitely result in a lawsuit, and also constitutes an assault. I didn’t realize Mexican soap stars were so sensitive


Hope he's got a lawyer on retainer and his wallet ready. Some bodies going to pay!!


No me gusto! 😡


In the US?? How you say 'assault' si felony no beauno lawsuito


It looked like he used his words first and that reporter didn't back off. It was one slap, I am not saying it was right but it was hardly slapping the hell out of a him TMZ. :)


Love it!


I have too many customers to blow today so my limp wristed son komprokatz is going to be taking a lot of load to the face to help me out.


A few of our celebrities could learn from him 👍🏻


Guy Squares up lol ....Reporter was probably Gay... ...
Ask Questions about him.why bring up his kid


Irony: Eduardo was the only legal resident in the room.


I smell LAW suit in 3`````` 2 That has got to be worth 50K `` at least!!


Macho Macho Man....he's got to be a Macho Man.


Slapped the gay right off of that punk...


That's what you call a PR stunt. He knew the comments were coming. It was more of a shove and a slap.


That's assault, baby!


That’s what you call Triggered




I set up a GoFundMe page for my lunch today.


Well, I guess that settled it!


He slapped the tacos out that boy


Don't see anything wrong


Bien echó. .no saben cuando para....!....


Where is Trump when you need him? Deport that puto!!!


Wow wtf lawsuit.


Just another specifically perpetually incompetent cholo.


Despacitio y buena letra

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