Jorge Posada Teams Up with 'Despacito' Singer to Save Puerto Rico


NY Yankees legend Jorge Posada has teamed up with some HUGE stars to rescue injured and sick people in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico ... and he's not done yet. 

TMZ Sports spoke with Jorge and his wife Laura -- who just got back from another humanitarian mission to P.R. -- where they brought food, supplies, water and more to people in need. 

But they're not going at it alone -- the Posadas joined forces with superstars like Gloria Estefan, Ray Allen, Luis Fonsi (the "Despacito" guy!), Ricky Martin, Carlos Arroyo, Bernie Williams, Ivan Rodriguez and more. 

The gang has flown into P.R. together to distribute aid to residents. They've also raised more than $300,000 in their YouCaring page.  

Laura Posada says she and Jorge have personally flown to P.R. three times already -- "We’ve brought back in each plane 50 people. And this Friday, we’re going to do that again."

"We’re gonna send a plane with 10,000 pounds and we’re gonna to bring back 15 patients. And these are patients that are critically in need of medical treatment."


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Yes, two Latinos can save Puerto Rico. Is this a joke? They probably can’t even make enchiladas


Bulldoze it and send all the illegals over there.


Blah blah blah blah BOOBIES!!!!!


some how get the money to the people,do not give it to the politicians




This dude is OLD.


How amazing is it that one song can save a country "/


We will withdraw the puerto rican isles


Dear PR, man up and get your island fixed. Stop listing to your cry baby mayor.


PUERTO RICO needs more BANANAS... pronto!!!


haha, ,, f,, Puerto Rico






I wonder how much his wife's rack cost him.


Who wants to make a Passada at the twins on Mrs. posada, Harvey W. is unavailable.....i'm just sayin', there they are and they can feed the whole town of Titinitsa


Bless them and all affected Puerto Rican’s. 👍🏼🙏🏼


Him and Ross Perot could both fly to Puerto Rico without wings


Puerto Rico was unmanageable before the hurricane... the leaders are inept...and the population is below average in’s going to be awhile...the celebrities didn’t care much before...I hope they stay with it for the long haul.... but it will still be a rat hole for a long time


cover your t-ts lady, jesus, your discussing saving a country not showing what bra size you have, and women wonder why they are depicted as objects.....SMH


Class Act @ Derek Jeter, certainly wish him all the very best.


Someone needs to help them since Trump refuses to.


Since Donald Trump is going to cut off money and resources to Puerto Rico, he should also cut money and resources to Texas, Florida, and all other states effected by hurricanes.


Cut ties with Puerto Rico and all Puerto Ricans.


with all the millions that has been raised for PR, they could have rebuilt the island 4 times over. and Abby, you need to do some fact checking....our government has done a tremendous job assisting PR.




Glad someone is helping Puerto Rico . . . heaven knows out administration isn't.


I would love to SIT on him


Funny part is were we all these celbs and millionaires before all this happen and PR been crap hole for decades. Such a show


From one Cuban isrealite to my PR isrealites. We will prevail. Ffff trump




The idea there are people there who need critical care and not getting it is absurd they’re more interested in promoting themselves than actually doing anything substantive.


I Love Bananas.


Class Act @ Jorge Posada

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