Mexican Soap Star Eduardo Yanez Under Criminal Investigation for Slapping Reporter


Mexican soap star Eduardo Yanez is under criminal investigation for viciously slapping a reporter during a red carpet event ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Univision reporter Paco Fuentes filed a police report with the LAPD, claiming assault and battery. 

The slap was captured on video. Yanez lost it after Fuentes tried shaming him by saying his son had to set up a GoFundMe account to pay for car repairs because Yanez wouldn't. Yanez and his son have a strained relationship that became very public back in June after Yanez's son accused him on Twitter of being a drug addict, racist and woman abuser.

We're told the investigation is not complete. If charges are filed against Yanez and he's convicted, he would face a maximum of 6 months in jail.

Yanez apologized early Thursday saying, "I want to ask for a sincere apology to the public and to the person affected by my action. It was not right. My private life is not for sale."



Eduardito cried for himself because he was caught on video, but he should not be allowed to abuse others because he is because he is an actor. He has to be charged and imprisoned like everyone else.


Reporters do what reporters do it’s called freedom of the press. This man had no right to slap him,if he didn’t like it he should’ve kept quiet like many do and just walk away, the reporter should sue his ass.


Wait, how was he not arrested on the spot? Did he immediately leave the scene? It seemed like it was a red carpet event, so i'm assuming he was arriving at the event. So why wasn't he arrested?




I think Yanez needs to be charge , his own son proved a point that he has anger problem and abusive to women and other people around. I hope the reporter does press charges and yanez goes to jail longer than 6 months.
If anyone thinks it's funny and ok for what he did, your absolutely wrong. No one doesnt deserve to be hit, attack i should say, Yanez has a history of anger and abusive. Yanez has no respect any anyone who defends him and agree for hitting the reporter, you don't have respect for others around your friends, children, family, no respect.


este coño abofetea como una zorra. hijo de puta madre


That reporter called him a culo about his son. Don't ever get involved with a man and the private issues with his son, especially when he's spoiled. And definately not in public. I would've done the same. 👍


Just looking at his face shows he's an angry man. Plus the reaction of everyone is not a reaction of shock that he did it, but of "here he goes again!"


You call that an apology? He needs to write that on a stack of $100 bills


What is it with these celebs?! They think they can get away with everything


nice slap,




Very very bad ! And those people that laugh about it or agree with it, are just like him. Nasty nasty!!!! Big man from the outside, but very little man inside .


That’s how he handles his women


All he did is what Trump is doing to the media with his mind, only Eduardo did it with his hand. 🤚🏽


Violence isn't the answer and if you think it is okay, you need help. Eduardo been on the entertainment industry for 20 years, known to be short temper with coworkers, fans, reports and had a divorce with one of his ex-wife because of domestic violence. Even hit an 90 years old man, in the past. He was had alcohol problem (I don't know if he still dealing with that) But overall you're an actor, you know that you're life isn't private anymore and should know how to deal with report's question. He shouldn't get his emotions get the best of him and be professional.


That was a nasty assault! He will have to pay up!


He gon’ Cry in the car 😂


No excuse - from the look he gave the reporter i could tell he was an abuser.


He's a jerk


Heck yeah! These weasel pseudo-journalist types always like to provoke stars with questions about their private lives. The sniveling worm went and filed charges.


bueno LOL... FAMILY guy


Bad hombre...


Eduardo stands there like what B... Do something 😂 poor reporter and he's getting a court date


Not that many years ago, I would have expected one guy to actually close his fist when he hit someone and the other guy to drop the mike and swing back. Wussification.


Well damn! 👏💥


That was hilarious 🤣😂🤣

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