Chester Bennington's Carpool Karaoke Episode Airs

Chester Bennington was in good spirits, and singing his heart out less than a week before his death ... as seen in the Linkin Park Carpool Karaoke episode that just aired.

James Corden and the folks behind "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" just dropped the episode which had Chester behind the wheel, and Ken Jeong riding shotgun. 

Chester looked happy, jamming to his hits as well as other artists' ... including OutKast's "Hey Ya!" 

Chester hanged himself 6 days after filming this episode. Corden said Chester's family had final say over the episode airing.



Shinoda kept waiting for them to stop singing so he could rap.


Depression sucks... ! RIP


This might be the most beautiful commemoration of a person who had passed away. I laughed and cried the whole time; not as a fan but thinking of his wife, children, parents, friends and family having this video FOREVER showing his exuberance and happiness. They can be reminded of the Chester they knew and loved, not just the final paragraph of his life.

His children will be able to hear his laugh, voice, way of teaching to scream like him and most importantly him talking loving about their futures. Firsthand, they can see his mannerisms and know his sense of humor. It won't just be by other's stories, but though a tangeable point of reference.

I've been going through one of the hardest times of my life over the past two month and this gave me a few moments of relief from the unbelievable overwhelming anxiety. I was on the edge of a panic attack, but because of the joy on Chester's face and the hilarious David Dao (Whoops! Ken Jeong) I was pulled out of that moment.

Thank you so much to the family and band for allowing this to be released. Not only did it help me, but it shows so clearly how hidden depression and suicidal ideation can be. He went from having, as he mentioned, a best day in life to suicide in 6 days.

Everyone, please, hug your loved ones, ask the hard questions and intervene if necessary. It's beyond hard, they may say they hate, you don't love them, they will never talk to you again, etc; but it's all worth it if you save a life...this comes from personal experience of basically forcing my mom into a psychiatric hospital. She initially hated me, my dad and brother, but now is so grateful for the decision we made to save her from herself. In the moment she was just pissed, but once stabilized she realized that we did it because she was incapable of seeing the reality of her thoughts and actions during that time.

If you are going through a hard time, just take a second to feel the virtual hug I'm sending you...and then pick up the phone and ask someone for a real one. XOXO.


This is awesome. I smiled for about 15 and a half minutes straight... Then it got sad when Chester spoke about his kids... Then it was cool again. Ken Jeong is awesome, and of course Linkin Park...


That was good but Ken Jeong is irritating.


That was awesome.


I💚 Linkin Park.


He had one heck of a voice,R.I.P.


They still need to find this guys killer.


Weinstein needs to take some lessons from Bennington on how it's done


I heard of Linkin Park before but this guy got famous by offing himself


he killed himself probably after filming that [email protected] show and realizing he couldnt get any lower in his career after that


Sorry Chester but I hate you! You left a black hole that can never be replaced by your selfish act. Your family will suffer a lifetime of agony.

John Boy Walton 1%


He hanged himself, thats how much he hated himself! loser


The ones who are really suicidal keep it secret. The ones who are constantly threatening suicide just do it for attention.


He and Chis were murdered because they were going to expose the huge pedo ring which involves the power people of Hollywood, Government etc....


THEY SHOULD have taken this HIGHWAY...


He was murdered


It was autoerotic asphyxiation.
The suicide story is a cover-up to spare the family.


Sad 😢


Haven't we all remembered Chester Bennington enough?


❤️Chester ❤️


You can't say whether or not he was in good spirits. You can only say that he "appeared to be in good spirits." Because depressed people usually aren't moping around like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. They're usually putting on a fake smile to hide the pain. So you could be laughing and joking with a friend who actually has plans to end their life that night, without you even knowing it. I know because it happened to me.


Just like the Vegas shooter happening somethings not right with both cover ups happening on both of them how could he kill himself six days later after making a video like this where nothing seems wrong ?


The Asian dude always needs all the attention on him in everything I see him on! He's pretty damn annoying!


he looked so fake happy like people who believed Trump's campaign promises


Sad that he's dead , but Linkin Park where an awful band . Nickleback with crappy rapping


And his poor kids are replaying how he hung himself with a bunjie cord in a bathroom. And if he ever thought of them ONCE or thought "ya know I don't wanna leave my kids this way" Thanx chester ...lovely


I'm happy they decided to share it, though it's too bittersweet to watch it. He seemed to be so full of life yet he was so depressed, it really blows.


Cordon is such a fat no talent


We hear something about this guy every other day but when Chris Cornell passed away it was only mentioned a few times over 3 day period. Chris Cornell had a longer and more impactful career. Why wasn't Cornell given the same respect.


Don't know much about the guy and I don't mean to disrespect him at all. But could it have been Auto-erotic asphyxiation. It wouldn't be surprising that family or friends would cover it up, as they find suicide less embarrassing. Maybe society would be better served to have an open and honest discussion about this problem.


Who's the weird guy wearing the hospital gown?


This made me cry!


He was so cute😞


Who’s the weird asian

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