Beyonce Has Lost All Her Baby Weight 4 Months After Twins' Birth

Beyonce gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir only four months ago but you can't tell ... from any angle.

Bey's been sharing pics of her post-twins bod on Instagram, ever since the kiddos were born, but this latest batch of her in a corset is the first time she's shown off her midriff ... a good midriff we might add.

She's definitely lost her pregnancy lbs, but got to hand it to Bey ... she's still keepin' that booty poppin' ... almost too poppin'.

Hail to the queen.



Serena looks better, and I bet she did it all by herself.


Come on!! Now you know she used a surrogate agolike she did the first time. She’s way to vain to get stretch marks like us common folk. I mean she literally thinks she’s better than all of us.


Every time I see her now something in me screams Mom!!! Best of luck to them.


Show of hands: who's sick of this broad?


Aromatic Tummy Tuck after C-Section.


She was on the surrogate diet. DUH!!!!!


She is holding her phat stomach in....




Gross before and after.


What's the matter with these females these days? We want to see the baby's. We already know how you look!


Definitely not her behind.


Yeah right.. It's called having money and doing plastic surgery right after she gave birth just like Rob Kardashian paid to fix Blac China after she gave birth


Beyoncé doesn't impress anyone but herself trying to be so perfect. *yawns* Anyways moving on...


Does she ever not wear a wig?


I don't understand why TMZ makes a story out of this ?
She is in the same shape most women are in 4 months after giving birth uless they put on 100 lbs.
Do they think it takes 6 months to get in shape?


It's amazing how she 'bounced back', considering she wasn't actually pregnant in the first place.


Not aging well- her face is old af


Trying to look all light and


Yeah no. Chicks who have twins don't look like this in 14 weeks, especially considering how large she allegedly was.

I actually thought the first was surrogate, maybe because of fertility, but the twins, after trying and finally being successful, might be hers. Not everyone turns into a loose, flabby cow like me after my twins, but no woman has a perfect, unblemished and flat stomach that fast after. I don't even think I've met another twin mom who has zero stretchmarks, because carrying even 34-35 weeks stretches over 40% larger than a singleton.

And twins, 99 times out of 100 separate the ab wall muscles some. Her abs are back? No way. She got some touch up to her face around the time the twins were born. Double helper: Have an excuse to stay out of the limelight, take home some kids and get your face done and no one will notice...


Please make it go away.


She hasn't though. She looks like a greasy, white butterball. Photoshop is fun! But Beyonce is a pig and a disgrace to Black women.


Just clicked on this story to see if Beyonce died...too bad she's still alive.


Meh to the 'queen'.




Can we please stop praising celebrities for giving birth like they are the first or losing the baby weight so fast? Don't get me wrong, she looks great but let's stop pretending it's good genes or metabolism. They get a little nip/tuck, private trainers and chefs, and plenty of help with the baby. And I don't blame them..they have the money and that's their business. But enough with acting like these people are the first women to give birth to a child.


Haters gonna hate, because that's all they do all day! Get to it Bey!


sadly we won't see the twins until they've had plastic surgery!


She had doctors remove the baby fat.

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