Amazon Entertainment Chief Roy Price Suspended Amid Sexual Harassment Claim

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Amazon Studios President, Roy Price, has been suspended after facing allegations he sexually harassed the producer of one of his hit shows.

Price is reportedly on a leave of absence effective immediately. Earlier Thursday ... Isa Hackett -- an executive producer on "The Man in the High Castle" -- claimed Price made sexual remarks toward her at Comic-Con in 2015 by saying, "You will love my d**k."

Price's suspension came hours after Rose McGowan made strong accusations that Price and Amazon's CEO both knew about Harvey Weinstein's history of sexual assault.



Rose still needing her 15 minutes I see. Apparently every man in Hollywood has done her in some manner, at least according to her. How many has she accused now? I can think of at least 3?

Sorry, but to the women this stuff truly happens to, I feel very sad for them and wish nothing but harsh justice for the men who truly commit these crimes. But, when you have women not coming forward for years (which Rose didn't) who have multiple claims against multiple men, you have to start to wonder about the stories.

ANY ONE can just throw blame around and will never be punished for it. Just look at that heinous chick "mattress girl." She turned her fake r_pe into a degree and money and now does "art shows" based on being abused on stage. She also did a "art movie" which depicts her "r_pe" in full xxx glory.


well mcgowan is a loudmouth


So, I understand the Weinstein situation, but is every man in power now subject to innuendo and uncorroborated statements?? I guess it is in snowflake land. At this point is it perversion or pay back????


ROSE isn't Even hot. Nobody wants to touch her for free


They're starting to fall like dominoes. It'll be interesting to see what shakes out next. I'm ready with the popcorn.


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Is he a Trump supporter


The woman vs hollywood. Its getting interesting


Joins Dems as interim leader


Weak chin. Unable to tie a pie properly.






Does the perversion ever end !


Geez, what is it with these unattractive blue pill popping perverts?


Forget about ever hitting on a girl from here on in. Good luck to you young dudes. I'm so glad I'm married....One wrong move and you are BUSTED! All they have to do is misinterpret one thing and you are done for...


All a misunderstanding...Dick is the name of his parakeet


The downfall of liberal media and phony social justice warriors.


Just learned Isa Hackett is Philip K. Dick's daughter...

Small world.


Look at that head...I bet his parents came to Earth stuck to windshield of the Space Shuttle.
Probably settled in Seattle where nobody would notice.


Suspended for hearsay?


Another liberal many......pathetic how they demean women.


first they sell their souls to satan, and then whatever is left over Harvey Weinstein and people like him swoop in and take the rest... that's the TRUTH.


Where do they find all these pervs and how do they ever get to the top of their industry unless being a perv is a requirement. No one would be impressed with your stuck dude, don't kid yourself. Go ahead and off yourself.


Whats up with the baby face surrounded by a mans head "/


That guy looks like he has an enormous brain. Look at his skull. He's an alien.


Oh the left just keep on coming.


McGowan has achieved full on shrieking harpy mode.
She's a very mediocre actress that only ever got parts because of her looks.
When her looks went so did the roles.
And now she's attacking everyone she ever encountered that didn't give her what she believed herself entitled to.
She was the home wrecker in Robert Rodriguez marriage.
She was with him for roles.
I don't believe she has a moral leg to stand on.


Very good. Let all of judeo-Leftist Hollywood fall apart.


Jeff would be happy...!!!


The more she talks. The less I believe her. This sounds like a vendetta against Amazon for cancelling her show.


This horrible culture of the INFAMOUS CASTING COUCH and what actors must go through to get these roles. Brace yourself because it’s more to come. Allot of high ranking Producers, CEO, DIRECTOR Are pooping bricks now hoping they don’t get exposed.


next it will be wall street executives,one by one these creeps are gonna fall.


Roy Price touched my taint once. My taint smelled bad for 2 weeks.


Dude has a big head and a tiny's offputting lol.


I'm glad that Amazon did not simply fire him based on an allegation alone. I'm fine with investigating it but "bad pickup lines" is not a criminal act.

Also, I do not believe that one instance that is taken the wrong way should lead to immediate termination. Investigate, coach, suspend if behavior is repeated and then termination if the problem is persistent. If not, you make it where a workplace environment becomes hostile to someone if there is a personal vendetta involved and they simply make one claim of "harassment" and that alone gets the other party fired.


That's the only thing he said? I would have laughed if a guy (even one I worked with) said that to me, but I guess some people are so traumatized by it that they cannot work and have stress...


Amazon needs to get into making robots so men don't need women. If spitting bad pickup lines is harassment I think some women might just get their way and natural children will cease being made at some point.


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This tramp is washed up now, noone will ever work with her. I wouldnt cast her in a YouTube video.


I was wondering how Amazon packed all that data on a server, this guy's head is the Amazon Prime Server!


WOW! THAT'S a forehead.


McGown is a nobody who is headed down the path of Marilyn Monroe who was a big somebody. Marilyn threatened to blow the lid off Hollywood and the Kennedy’s. Marilyn lasted about a week after her threat. Cautionary tale, Rose.


btw im nude


she will get an etra 15 mins of fame but prolly not one more pay check...look wat hapnned with hunter twlo she did sumin to aaron spelling and was blacked listed in hollywood for ever


I guess women and men are going to have to work in a bubble for now on, just to be safe

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